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    For those that are not aware, the 3dcart app has not been rewritten to comply with the new secure browsing rules on facebook, which basically means it's useless since nearly every person on facebook is using secure browsing and can't see it because facebook won't show it on secure browsing unless the page and every single thing on it is secure.

    So....I'm wondering what everyone is doing about having a facebook store? Just not having one? Is it too much to hope for that there is a free store app that will automatically pull my products from my site without me lifting a finger?.....I know, way too much to ask for, but with no ETA on a new app from 3dcart, I need to consider alternatives because most of my sales come from my facebook fans and their friends, so I'm hoping some of you have some ideas of what the better ones out there is sort of a requirement, too.

    Any help is appreciated!

    edited to add all of a sudden the facebook stores can be seen with secure browsing again! Is it a bug, is it a fluke, is it fixed, I'm just glad it's up, thankyou 3dcart!
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