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Nivo slider not working

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  • Nivo slider not working

    Good morning everyone,

    I was hoping someone would have some insight on why my nivo slider is not working in my 3dcart site. It seems that the slider does not appear at all. Just to make sure that I wasn't going crazy I uploaded it to a separate hosting account that I have and it works and functions properly. So I am unsure why it's not visible in 3dCart ... possibly a .js conflict??? If viewing source in Mozilla it's line 212 that shows the code I place in page content.

    The page I am trying to make it visible on (which is not linked into the navigation yet) is:Reviews

    And this is what it is supposed to look like:

    I appreciate any recommendations.

    Thank you

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    Most likely due to a conflict. You have two different versions of JQuery installed.
    This thread has more info:


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      Thank you ... do you think it's best to have the common js upgraded to my nivo slider jquery-1.7.1.min.js or to downgrade the nivo slider to the common js of jquery-1.3.2.min.js ... I hope that makes sense.

      And is it a matter of just copy and pasting to override the files in my directory.

      Again Thank you - Jessica


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        You should read that thread carefully as I believe it discusses it. It isn't a super easy fix unless you are fairly familiar with javascript.

        If you downgrade to the lower version of javascript, then the slider might not work.

        If you upgrade to the newer version, QuickSearch won't work, if you use that.

        The solution in the thread is to make the two versions co-exist.


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          Gotcha ... thank you. I am not really familiar with scripts so I will see what I can figure out from that thread. I appreciate your time and response.

          Thank you - Jess


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            If you get stuck and want someone to do it you can PM me. I can do minor stuff like this on a freelance basis.


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              Thank you ...

              You'll probably cringe at what I ended up doing to make it work for me. I just dropped trying to make things work between my plugin and 3dcart and just used an iFrame for now. Works good on Firefox and Opera but having issues in IE. Though from what I am seeing this is a Nivo issue so hopefully that will get fixed soon.

              Thank you again - Jess