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  • Dreamweaver viewing issues

    I've followed the past threads here regarding how to copy files to the local computer in order to be able to view the layout properly in Dreamweaver, and while I've been able to see the frame, I can't seem to configure it correctly to view the common file templates for editing. As per Gonzalo, I have the following for frame:

    ------Frame.html (this file opens fine from this location)
    ---------------------Frame.html (same file that I dragged into the STORE above)
    And so on.

    I made the change in the frame file, substituting v40004 for [template], and default_modified.css for [stylesheet]. This makes the frame display fine. However, when I try to open one of the listing templates from the common folder, I get just the "wire" frame--no images, styling, etc. I've tried dragging it to the STORE file too, but that doesn't work.

    I have no aspirations of becoming a Dreamweaver whiz, and I'm obviously clueless about file heirarchy--I just want to rearrange some of the layout in the listing file. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    i use dreamweaver as well for messing with my 3dcart files. go ahead and remove the top frame.html file.. you should be opening the nested one. example:

    ---------frame.html <---- edit this one.

    ---------listing_0.html etc etc

    any files you want to edit, copy them from common to the template folder.

    your dreamweaver root folder should be set to \web\ in the site manager

    NOTE: 3dcart to my knowledge does not provide a testing server. you must upload to their servers in order for the asp to process, so don't expect live view to render the middle content of frame, or to replace the [tags] with their actual values.. it won't happen. However, you can use dreamweaver to save on upload and skip switching to filezilla everytime.

    hope that helps?


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      Thank you so much!


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        Hmmm . . . still not seeing anything. I made a file for the store, copied the entire "web" folder to my computer. It still is not pulling from my images/css sheet--the frame works, but nothing else. I've replaced the [template] with v40004, and [stylesheet] with default_modified.css, and still nothing. Sorry to be so dense! :(
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          A lot of the template calls are made using the variable [template], like the css, template images, etc... Dreamweaver has no way to parse this, so you end up with broken links.

          What I do is have a backup copy in the correct directory structure as you showed, and keep a working copy in the root directory. I do a find/replace for [template] and replace the variable with the name of my template folder - in your case it would be v40004.

          Once you do that the images/links will show properly. If you've customized the template, it makes no difference if the links use the variables or if you hard code them.
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            OK, I'm just gonna put my ignorance out there for all to get a chuckle over LOL

            Who knew you actually had to attach the default_modified.css file to the open template??? Found one little tiny reference, did it, and ta-da! Houston, I have a visual!

            Thanks to all for your help--guess I needed the basic of the basics!