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  • Knowing visitor's IP address


    We want to implement a script for knowing visitor's IP address, he/she can be redirected to the correct store (for example, enter Bienvenido a Tienda Virtual Logicbus - ¡Tu sitio de automatización!, if IP addres is from USA, visitor must be redirected to USA store, if IP address is from Latin America, visitor must be redirected to Latin America Store).

    Searching on internet, I found a PHP script in order to identify IP address but I do not know if 3dcart supports PHP, and looking for this code in javascript, the info that I found says that this javascript only works in Mozilla.

    Do you know about a similar script and if this script must be placed on frame?

    I hope you can help me.

    Thanks in advance and best regards.

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    3dcart does not support php.

    if you are going to ping a php script you'll have to host it yourself somewhere and xhr to it.