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  • PayPal customer notice Tip

    If you have an Addthis account, this is very easy to do.

    Addthis has a welcome bar feature that can be customized. You can put it on Checkout 2 (settings>design>Titles & content: paste in Header section).

    This will drop an alert bar for people that clicked PayPal on Checkout 3 and were sent to Checkout 2 from PayPal. There has always been a problem with customers being confused since they have already seen the shipping page and they think they are in a loop.

    Just replace the XXX's in pubid=XXXXXXXX" below with your Addthis user id.
    you can also customize the bar,text and button color

    I tested it in Chrome and FF with no issues.

    <!-- AddThis Welcome BEGIN -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
    <script type='text/javascript'>{'default':{
    	"backgroundColor": "#EDA10E",
    	"buttonColor": "#666666",
    	"textColor": "#FFFFFF",
    	"buttonTextColor": "#FFFFFF"
    		"name": "paypal",
    		"match": {
    			"referrer": "paypal"
    		"message": "PayPal Users: Verify Shipping Method, then proceed to <strong>Finalize Order</strong>",
    		"action": {
    			"type": "button",
    			"text": ">> >> >>",
    			"verb": "link",
    			"url": "#"
    <!-- AddThis Welcome END -->

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    Ha, I thought this was to put a "tip jar" on your checkout page for Paypal users so they can add a "tip" to their total.


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      Wouldn't 20% extra be nice :)