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Mixing Sub-Categories and Products

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  • Mixing Sub-Categories and Products

    I would like to know of there is a way to generate a products listing page where subcategories and products defined to the same category parent display together rather than first showing Sub-Categories and then Products.

    I currently use sub-categories to group variations of the same product together so that the customer doesn't have to wade through 20 or more of the same product just with a different look when browsing. For example, there may be a category called "Drinkware". Under that category, we have mugs, shot glasses, pint glasses, etc. So I may have sub-categories for each of those. Beyond that, I may have one travel tumbler and perhaps one beer stein. Since the number is so small, I'd prefer not to create sub-categories for those, and rather, on the product page, just have a listing that shows the sub-categories I mentioned plus the specific products -- but all together as one group instead of shown separately?

    I hope this makes sense. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Your second paragraph is extremely confusing.

    But your first sentence is clear enough: Do you have to have subcategories and products in different areas of a Category page? Answer: Yes


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      You will not be able to have to subcategories mixed in with the products on the category pages.
      However you can modify the category template html so they appear as they are the same as the products. You can keep them above, or put them below the product listings, you can also design an image like the add to cart and insert it in the template so the display is consistent.


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        Can a category page be designed with enough intelligence to know what to display? The case would be if the category has no items assigned to it, then show the subcategories. If the category has items and subcategories, show subcategories first, followed by items.