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Adding Blog Posts To the Homagepage?

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  • Adding Blog Posts To the Homagepage?

    Hi Guys,

    Before I look into doing this, is it even possible? Seems like it wouldn't be too hard to pull some of the 3Dcart tags off the blog.html, style them and then add them to the homepage.

    Anybody try something like this yet?

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    I don't think it is possible in the way that you describe. 3DCart will only look for the blog-related tags on the blog page itself. If you add them to the home page they will just show up in their raw [tag] form.

    What you could do is use Feedburner to re-publish the RSS feed of your blog in HTML form, and put that on your home page. Let me know if you want some clarification.


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      Thanks for the tip, I didn't even think of using Feedburner.

      I may give that a shot.