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Change the 'linked' font size

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  • Change the 'linked' font size

    Hi Guys,
    I am trying to change the size of my font when it comes to 'linked' fonts.

    I gave an example here: Shop By Width

    If you look, the two used to look like the other numbers on this page, but when I link it to (in this case 2mm tungsten rings) the 2 becomes very small.

    Can anyone lead me to the direction of where I can find out the code to change this and keep it the same size or at least play around with it.

    Thank you for your time.


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    It's going to be in your template's default.css file.
    I would suggest using chrome. Right click on the element ("2mm") that looks wrong, and choose "select element". It will let you play with the CSS styles and see what different styles are affecting it, and what turning them off or changing them would look like.
    If you don't understand what I mean, google "CSS tutorial" and start there.


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      You have a few options to find or get to where you need to be for that specific link style.

      Option 1. If you are not yet comfortable using or modifying straight css, you can go in your admin panel Settings-->Design-->Themes & Styles: Here you will see 3 greyish buttons to the right of your template image.

      They will be from top to bottom:

      Edit Template (html)
      Edit Look/Colors (css) <----Click on this one
      Drag n Drop Editing

      Now scroll down until you see only "A" in the style name column. Click edit to the right. Change the font size via drop down and click save.

      Viola, that's option 1. Unfortunately 3dcart uses no specified class for a ton of areas in their templates. So if you change the font size for "A" you will change the font size in a few areas.

      Option 2: Go settings-->design-->template editor: Look at the top right hand corner of the page where it says Go To Folder (Drop Box). Select your template file ending with css.. example (templates/v32020/css) It will be the second highlighted in yellow.

      Click edit to the right of your default_modified.css. Scroll until you find "A {" and manually change the font size parameter. Click Save.

      Hope this helps a tad.
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        Awesome, thank you very much!


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          I found that size did not need to be a part of the css for links anyway -- 99% of the time I want my links to be the same font size as it's surrounding text. I just removed the font size completely in my default_modified.css for A: (plus a:hover a:visited a:visited:hover)