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Options not showing by defined sort

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  • Options not showing by defined sort

    OK, another problem that I'm having with my options display. For some reason, they are not displaying according to the sort order that I've defined for the products. In this case, for the second option, I've assigned "test 1" sort value 0, and "test 2" sort value 1. However, the test 2 is shown before test 1, and White is showing before Ivory. Appears as if they are sorting by name in reverse, rather than by assigned number. Is there a setting that I've missed somewhere? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Here is the page example:

    Large Rose Gold and Swarovski Pearl Bridal Hairpins
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    Hmmm. . . works fine if I use it as a Dropimage, but when used as Dropdown the sorting isn't working


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      Can you provide a screenshot from the Store Manager where you have assigned sorting to the drop down please?
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