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Solved : Calculating order total in the cart page

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  • Solved : Calculating order total in the cart page

    Have any of you ever wished that the view cart page could calculate the order total with sales tax & shipping, prior to checkout? I have - and it has been a source of frustration for me ever since I first started using 3DCart back in 2006. I understand that part of the reason that this feature does not exist is because it would be somewhat complex to make it work for merchants that have to collect sales tax in numerous states/counties.

    Not all merchants have to concern themselves with this, however. We only have nexus in one state that collects sales tax, so for us such a feature would be very simple. It could be easily enabled/disabled for merchants that aren't able to utilize it. In fact, several of 3DC's competitors already offer this capability.

    Why do I bring this up? Because with the addition of some custom programming, our shopping cart page can now display the order total to the customer before they check out. Thanks to James at PixelPro, our shopping cart now calculates sales tax (when required) and the order total with discounts, tax and shipping factored in. So far it works great and I am very pleased with it.

    If you only collect sales tax for one region and you are tired of losing sales because your customers are abandoning the cart when they cannot see their order total, then I would suggest sending a PM to James at PixelPro (forum name is jleclair). His delivery of this feature was very quick and his prices are reasonable.
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    This is not a paid advertisement by the way.

    I appreciate the very kind words, Kevin. Thank you for giving me the chance to help make your store easier to use.


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      How about a URL where we can see it in action?


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        Originally posted by cbsteven View Post
        How about a URL where we can see it in action?
        I just sent the link in a PM


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          I'd LOVE to see that also! I have international customers that abandon carts all the time because shipping will not calculate for them. Then I get the email expressing they couldn't place their order and the sale is saved, but I'd love to see something like this work


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            3dcart has a solution for calculating shipping for international customers. Ask your sales rep.

            Even with only one Nexus, you still can't use a set rate, at least not in our state. We have a few hundred to track, so we use Avalara. Could this be integrated?


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              Odd I've talked to them about International Shipping on more than one occasion and been on the phone when we played with ways to set up special shipping, etc. and it would never work. Guess I'll have to try that again. Like just add a rate to Denmark, Germany, whatever as their own shipping methods?


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                We use it and it works great. Cost a couple hundred for them to install.


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                  Actually Int calculations in the cart is a standard feature now. settings/shipping/Enable International Shipping Preview

                  Has some drawbacks, did a little work on ours (visual and functional) mostly happy with it now.