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Login Timeout Design Flaw/BUG

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  • Login Timeout Design Flaw/BUG

    Is everyone experiencing the login timeout BUG, for customers who are logged into their site?

    With my 3d Cart sites if a customer is logged in, their session is timed out after 20 min ONLY on the myaccount.asp page.

    They are still effectively logged in to the website (their personal greeting shows, the checkout page loads their information, and if they are using a Customer Group with special pages or products only available to those in that group, they are still available), but when they try to access the myaccount.asp page they get the Log In page.

    Since the LOG OUT button only exists on the myaccount.asp page, this means that the only way to Log Out of the account is to Log In, and then Log Out again.

    3d Cart Support is claiming that this is how the software is intended to function.... I find this hard to believe.