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Add Last 2-3 Product Reviews to Home Page?

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  • Add Last 2-3 Product Reviews to Home Page?

    I would like to automatically add the last 2-3 product reviews to the home page, seems like this should be relatively easy to do any suggestions?

    Thanks Ed

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    It'd only be easy if 3DCart provided a template tag to do exactly that. As far as I know they don't. So you'd need to either:
    A) Put them in by hand, or
    B) Pay a developer to do a workaround, which would be pretty complicated and running into the several hundred dollars.


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      Seems like every time I want to do something it is a problem. Is there a product review rss feed that would be nice?


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        Well this is a very specific request. It shouldn't be surprising that they don't provide a tag just for this purpose.

        If there were an RSS feed the workaround would be easy. If I were to do this on my own site I would create my own RSS feed using the 3DCart API, and then embed the feed in the home page. Not a small task.