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  • Image Missing - Shipping Calculations

    When in the cart, the customer can get a shipping estimate by entering their zip code.

    While the system is calculating, it turns the screen grey and says "Calculating Shipping". However, above those words is supposed to be an image, but it is missing.

    I'd track down the location of that image but the screen changes too fast to click on it.

    Any ideas?

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    Are you sure? We've had that grey screen for years and I've never noticed anything that might look like a broken image link.


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      i've seen it on one of my stores. sometimes the gif doesnt load. never really did anything about it though.


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        I've had another store for some time now and it does the same thing. Now that I'm getting ready to build a new store I figure I'll get this fixed once and for all.

        I had guessed it might be a template issue, so I tried using different templates. Still no luck.


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          Ours is located at /assets/templates/common/images/ajax-loader.gif

          Edit: This is the path for the default loading image. You can see if the image is missing from within Filezilla. I found this by going to /shipquote.asp and clicking the "X" on my browser to stop the page from redirecting. Hope this helps!
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            Our screen just shows a horizontal block with moving squares while it is getting the estimate.

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              Great tips everyone, thanks!

              As it turns out, there is a file existing in that location called: ajax-loader.gif

              But it is not a GIF file at all. It is a PSPImage file, I'm guessing because it is an animated GIF. The file was created in 2008 and permissions to replace that file are blocked. (PSPImage is a Paint Shop Pro image)

              And like mentioned above, it looks like moving blocks while the system is "thinking".

              Maybe it just doesn't load with FireFox, but does load with other browsers. Hard to say for sure.

              I do know this much, I've spent a ton of time on this and not sure it is worth it. Plus, there are about 25 other images in that same folder that are PSPImage files.


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                By the way, I went to:

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                Same problem, broken image


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                  Do you use Paint Shop Pro by chance? All of my images show up in Filezilla as Adobe Fireworks files, but that's just because I use Fireworks to open .gif images. Also, what do you see when you add /assets/templates/common/images/ajax-loader.gif to the end of your domain? Is the image broken there as well? If you could give me your url I can look at the code to see if it matches ours.


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                    [1] Yes, I use Paint Shop Pro sometimes

                    [2] When I add /assets/templates/common/images/ajax-loader.gif to the end of my domain, I see the blocks, and they are animated.

                    Great suggestion! I would have never thought of that myself but it is a tip I won't forget now.

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                    I have a crazy hunch. It may be something in my FireFox settings that stops this image from showing. My hunch is that it is treating it as a quasi-popup page and therefore blocking the image.

                    I only say that because the image is obviously there, as shown in #2 above. And, when I visit other people's sites that have posted here, the same broken image appears.


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                      I just checked your site in Firefox, Chrome and IE and I see the image just fine. You may be right about your browser settings. Good news is not all of your customers are seeing a broken image.


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                        Thank you for taking the time to help me investigate this issue.

                        I was approaching it from the wrong angle before. You saved me a ton of time, and time is so important to us all.

                        Thanks again, I really appreciate the help.


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                          Happy to help when I can!