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    How do I add an external image gallery to an additional page. I have images of atvs that I want to upload with a spec chart below. I cant figure out how to add the HTML from Free HTML5, jQuery & WordPress Image Slider Gallery Maker Download - It says to add html code between the <head> and </head> but can't find that on the page I created, and then there is more html code to add in the body, when I add the html with the wsiwyg turned off nothing happens.

    Any ideas how to get this to work?

    If anyone has any ideas of a good html 5 photo gallery to add to my site let me know, I am willing to buy a program just as long as I know it will work.

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    The <head> </head> section is the at the top of the frame.html (settings-->design-->template editor--> "choose your template via dropdown int he top right" --> find frame.html --> click edit)

    Add the code as specified and save.

    Add the body code into the page content area of the page you created and save. Go to general settings and clear cache. Go view the page.

    The primary thing to make sure of is that the paths to the files are correct in the head of the frame.html. If they are not correct nothing will work.

    Hope this helps.
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      I have found that adding:
      to the "Page content" section of the extra pages accomplishes the same result. Then this extra code will not run on all the other pages of the site.


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        Thank you for the info.

        One last thing that I noticed. Step one requires me to upload the files to the website so it can connect with them.

        I have attached an image of the steps it wants me to perform along with the code.

        Where do I upload the files to so it can read them? Assets? And do I make different folders since I will be having multiple gallery's for different ATV models I want people to see?

        Note: Step 3 code is much longer then what is shown in the box.

        I really appreciate all your help.
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          Usually you would want to keep different files in their own folders for easy editing, etc.
          If you look at the code in step 2 in the image you will see:


          This tells you that the jquery.js file should be in the "sliderengine" folder in Web
          so (web/)silderengine/jquery.js Web is the root, so you do not need to list it.

          Look at the image links in step 3. that will tell you where to place the images.


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            Thank for the reply.

            I understand where to upload the code to, I am just unsure where to upload the files into 3Dcarts File folder. Under assets or just make a new folder and upload to there anywhere I want?


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              Look at the image links in step 3. that will tell you where to place the images.
              The code will tell you where to upload the images. Or you can make a folder anywhere and change the corresponding code.

              Find one of your images in the code ( i.e. image1.jpg)

              If it just says src="silderdata/images/image1.jpg"
              then you would put the images in a the sub-folder (/web/)sliderdata/images

              if it just says src="image1.jpg"
              then the image would just go in the root folder (/web)