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  • Custom frame for homepage

    I have read the past posts on this topic and contacted 3Dcart support. Support says it is possible but has yet to tell me how.

    I simply want to edit home.html with my custom code then have a unique frame for the home page. Simple enough. Easily done on the category page and content pages.

    I tried using the Custom Landing Page option but that prevented any dynamic elements from showing on the homepage like the shopping cart total.

    I tried playing with the Site Content section but that doesn't change the homepage just some content page called Home.

    Has anyone recently found a way to make this happen? Thanks.

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    You need to work it the other way. Design the site based on the home page then use custom frames for other pages.

    You can hide right column, left column, and top menu for the home page so, pretty much you almost have a blank slate.

    You have two places to put the content for the Home page:
    1. the header and footer section of Titles & Content>Home
    2. Template Editor>home.html


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      I think you can also ftp an index.html file into your /web folder and it will override your home page as well.

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        @elightbox I have thought about that but then I can not set the correct frame for the view cart, checkout pages and other pages that don't allow for frame changes.

        @mtbottens I think you can upload default.htm to the web/ directory but you lose the ability to show shopping cart total or any dynamic content.

        I'm starting to believe it is just not possible. Gotta love hosted environments with limitations.


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          You're right about the limitations.

          Nothing you can do here except include some clever extra markup and some inline (or external) css on home.html that will display:none elements you don't need on the existing frame and display any extra markup you're going to have to add on frame.html that you only want to show on the home page.

          The ideal scenario is to avoid as much additional home-page specific markup as much possible and overwrite existing elements with some inline css as much as possible.

          Depending on how big the frame overhaul is, throwing it in an external stylesheet (even though it's not included in the head tag) will still work and leverage some browser caching.

          You're definitely going to have to deal with some unorthodox coding to work around some limitations. In my experience with 3dcart, if you don't mind the extra overhead you can pretty much do whatever your heart pleases if you speak javascript.