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Make Parent Category page display Child and Grandchild subcategories using Code Block

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  • Make Parent Category page display Child and Grandchild subcategories using Code Block

    I am trying to implement navigation that allows for a "parent" category to be selected (from the top navigation bar), and once that category page is displayed, it shows the available "child" categories. Directly beneath each "child" on this page, we want "grandchild" cats to dynamically display under each respective child based on whether or not we hide the category or it has items in it.

    Currently, we are testing some manipulation of the code blocks, but it is not giving the results we are looking for. I have tried merging some parts of the "frame" template's "CATEGORY" code block into the "category_x" template inside the "SUB_CATEGORIES" code block, but it only displays the "CATEGORY" text from the frame template. I have kept in line with the tables as they are laid out, but I am not sure if the nature of the code blocks allows this kind of change to even occur.

    Looking for some answers on whether or not this has been done before, what methods used, if I am trying to do something that is impossible, or if we just need some javascript to handle this. If js is required, what do you suggest we do to implement this kind of feature while still using 3dcarts code blocks?

    A visual example of what I am trying to do is:

    ***Under the header, where categories are displayed***
    CATEGORY--displayed because it has subcats in it (OR because it is not hidden)
    -SUBCAT - displayed because it has products or more subcategories (or is not hidden)
    -SUBCAT2 - same
    -SUBCAT3 - same
    -SUBCAT4 - same

    -SUBCAT - Lets say there is another available category, but it does not contain anything. until it contains something or is unhidden, we do not want it to display.

    Thanks for your time.
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    I was looking for functionality like this a while back and was told that it wasn't possible. 3dcart advised that static html was the only way to display the grandchild. I don't think that this has changed since.