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New Store Launched - Would Love Feedback

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  • New Store Launched - Would Love Feedback

    Hello! We just launched our first online store at and I would appreciate any feedback the community may have.

    The site is changing every few days with new tweaks, etc, but I think its far enough along to share with everyone. We have also been conducting user testing, which has provided great feedback as well. And we've been getting orders already so that's great too!! :) Oh, and we are fully aware that the site looks awful on a smartphone currently (we modified the template's so much we broke the responsive design horribly, but its being fixed quickly!).

    Just as a quick intro... we have been around almost 70 years, and this is our first venture online. My grandfather started the business in 1946 and my father is the current owner, and my sister works here as well. We have a small 20 person factory in Lansing, MI that has endured for so many years by providing great customer service, value, and most of all the highest quality mattresses you will find!

    Thanks in advance for any comments,

    Greg B

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    Hi Greg,

    Looks very nice and clean. Ties locally really well with one of my favorite state logos.

    I know you mentioned that responsive is a mess. Unfortunately this includes the view cart. Hopefully you can get that sorted right away. All in all, everything looks good from a quick glance. Make sure you have your images like on the bottom of the view cart turned responsive as well so they size for the mobile customer.

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      Thanks for the feedback Shaun. Yes... getting the site working well on smartphones is our top priority from here on out! We kept making constant changes that broke the responsive design, and now my developer has to chase that all down and fix it.


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        Hello Greg,

        I realize your post is 4 years old and I'm sure you're probably not still looking for feedback, but since I'm currently searching for feedback for mine's, my search query brought me to this post.

        Let me start off by saying, great job staying in business! It's great to see someone using the same platform as me, with some success. Gives me great hope & inspiration.

        My question is, how is it after this long in the business, your page still has no Page Rank? I see your Alexa rating is good (at least much better than mines).

        I'm wondering because i have two sites. Office Supplies-Super Office Supply and A&A Supply-Wholesale Packaging, Janitorial & Restaurant Supplies

        Super Office Supply is new, but I've done a tremendous amount of SEO on it. I'm hoping that once my Domain Authority goes up I will gain the PR that page deserves. A&A Supply has barely any SEO put into it, but it has been around 11 years so the Domain Authority is high & because of it I have a PR 3 on that site.

        My question is, you have been around 4 years (although I see your domain is only 1 year old) so, do you know what you are missing to gain PR? I'm trying to predict whether my PR will go up as it is around longer & just wondered if you had any light to shed.

        Thank you


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          OP's post is actually ~5 months old. Forum join date is ~4 years. :)
          - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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            Oh wow, I sure didn't notice that. At least I learned something. Thanks Dean