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Can we change the review star graphics?

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  • Can we change the review star graphics?

    Hi Guys,

    If the files are in the common folder, can download them and upload them like other html files and edit them? We wanted to customize our review star images but I'm not fully sure how to do it.

    Like this one


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    I believe it works a little different than the HTML files, in that you can write to the common images folder. So go ahead and just replace them.

    Alternatively, you can edit your product listing page template file, and change the image reference to the image of your choice.


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      yeah its possible with 3dcart everything is possible! (/giggle..)

      make 6 images. one with all empty stars, one star/5, 2 stars/5 etc etc to match. refer to your /assets/templates/common/images folder for the starX image files.. just copy the idea with your new style.
      name them the same (starX.png numbered 0-5)but stick them in your template's images folder or something.

      Then route each reference to the review stars to the new images
      "/assets/templates/[template]/images/star[review_average].png" for your path should do the trick for most of you. if you changed where your images are located.. adjust the path accordingly

      the [review_average] tag will insert a number that corresponds with your average review on any given item. if it has a 3 star average, the code inserts a #3 when it processes server-side and returns star3.png in its place. this will then load the 3 star image.

      hope that was clear enough


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        Sounds about right, I'll actually try it now.