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    In the template I use (v30020) - my site: Welcome to Blu's Bird Toys - Stimulate Your Bird's Senses!

    How would I do it so I would have one full image clear across and not two separate images. So basically I want to use the Global Header Image or even the Store Logo as the image and have either one show clear across. I do not want to go through FTP every time I want to change something and as the default of that template is, it requires two images. The left hand side image I am using as the background while having my logo in front of the background.

    As it is now, I customized it and all is okay but I often like to add other stuff up in the image to grab people's attention. I want it where I do not have the "search box" or the "cart" in the header area in which this particular template has none of that so that is one reason why I chose it.

    Can anyone please give me some input on this?

    I was looking at this part in the frame.html

    <td><div style="background: url(assets/templates/[template]/images/top.jpg) repeat-x;height:145px;">
    <table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0">
    <td style="padding-left:25px;" width="35%" align="center"><!--START: global_header-->
    <span class="store-name">[storename]</span><br>
    <span class="store-slogan">[storeslogan]</span>
    <!--END: global_header--></td>
    <td align="right" width="65%"><img src="assets/templates/[template]/images/top-right.jpg" border="0" /></td>

    So is there something in that area I need to do like can I get rid of the part of the 35% and the 65% and then would my Global Header image go clear across? Can you specify what parts need edited exactly? Thanks : )
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    Blu's Bird Toys

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    Sure, you can try this:

    HTML Code:
    		<td style="background: url(assets/templates/v30015/images/top-bg.png) repeat-x bottom;">
    			<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" height="182" style="background: url(assets/templates/v30015/images/top.png) no-repeat right;">
    					<td width="100%" colspan="2">
    						<div class="logo">
    							<!--START: global_header-->
    							<img src="assets/images/Blu-LogoNov-2011-75k.png" alt="Blu's Bird Toys" />
    							<!--END: global_header-->
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