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  • Feedback greatly appreciated

    Hello. I just opened a new store & before I go Live I would like some feedback on what I've done so far. Any advice or criticism will be greatly appreciated. Please don't hold back as I'm planning on making design with 3DCart stores a career. Thank You

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    Maybe I'm missing it in the post but what's the url for the new store?


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      I deeply apologize. I thought I had replied to this post and explained my error in not putting my store URL. I apologize for this & thank anyone who thought to look at my store. The URL is Office Supplies-Super Office Supply

      Thank you again & any criticism is greatly appreciated.


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        1. The first thing I noticed was that the "look and feel" aspect is wrong. The black/red is somewhat depressing. You might want to consider v32004-html5.
        2. I'm not too fond of the default product detail page - too much white space. Did you check out the other choices? Listing 2 might work out better. There is less need for scrolling and the buy button should be closer to the product for sale.
        3. You might want to make all your category pages 3 column. Your small images look very lonely spread out.
        4. Why turn off your left nav column on the product detail pages? It limits user navigational abilities.
        5. You might consider having your font size larger. It is not easy to read.


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          I appreciate the feedback

          Thank you very much for your feedback Celebra.

          Red & Black are the company colors, but I'll think of subtracting more of the black cause once you spoke of the depressing feel, I started to feel it somewhat. I also totally agree with you about the left nav column on product detail pages. I have no idea of how to turn it on however & thought it was part of the theme since my other store had the left nav included. I will also take into consideration your thoughts on the font size since it seems my page my be to spread out, larger font size might help improve this.

          Great points Celebra, thank you very much for taking the time to check out my site.