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  • New Computer Controlled Camera Software

    Item not for sale, DEV site
    New arrival shot with the Shutterstream Camera software. Straight out of the camera with no retouching. A perfect image for every vision. On the site If you hover over the image a zoom window will pop up, then if you click on the image a super zoom will pop up and you can literally see dust particles on the frames. This computer controlled camera is a game changer.

    Images shot at f36 with a about 15 second exposure. dynamically saved in five sizes. camera is a canon rebel t3i. standard CFL softboxes, under and overlit shooting table. I've got less than $1200 in the complete setup.

    before it would take up to one manhour total to process an image. Now it takes less than a minute each from shot setup to having it on the server.

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    So I'm wondering how much of a problem bandwidth is going to be?

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    sounds like a huge time saver.

    For bandwidth, definitely use a service like . We have been using Cloudflare for about six months now and we have not had a single issue with 3dcart.
    All the images will be cached and served from their servers over and over. I will not only save you on bandwidth, but it will speed delivery of large images.