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  • Computer Land Responsive Template

    I am interested in purchasing the Computer Land Responsive Template for my store, but am slightly apprehensive to buy it without more than a screen shot (especially after reading through the forum about the html5 template issues). Is anyone using this template? I want to see it in action before I go down this path.

    I'm not comfortable with purchasing a template that I can't try. It is a waste of my time if it isn't working correctly. I have seen lots of blow-back on the forum on these new templates not working correctly. I tried the demo that jimmy posted and it isn't functional - Welcome to Sample Store - Sample Slogan

    There seems to be several issues with the demo template you have linked. The quick cart doesn't appear on IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Major problems with navigation on iphones and ipads - as in nav menu links don't work period. Also since the quickcart isn't working there is no way to get to your shopping cart on an iphone - no cart link to click. Product options don't work on iphones either.

    I have started on this path with 3dcart templates before only to find out they weren't up to standards or were non-functional.

    It would be nice to have a live demo from 3dcart of all their templates, but since that's not happening anytime soon I would love to see this template on a live store.
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