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Launching a New store. Thoughts?

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  • Launching a New store. Thoughts?

    Self Defense Products - Stun Guns - Pepper Spray - Home Security Products

    I am adding products still and will begin working on page text after.


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    49 views and no one could take the time to offer any input


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      Chris I'm not a coder and can't help in that regard, but I like the template, wanted to use it for my automotive based business but the colors are just too "harley" for me and my mopar products. See the black on the left hand side and the black on the outside right side? See how one is longer than the other? When I worked with that template for myself, I had to dink around and try to get the two "equal" and since I don't code I had to add stuff like more new products to show and all kinds of stuff. Hopefully Shaun or someone can come in and tell you how to even that out.

      I always also take that storebuilder stuff off my site at the bottom but the site seems to function well, I was able to add items to my cart, proceed to checkout and the font is big enough for an old woman like me to read without difficulty, it's clean and I like it.


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        Thank you for reminding me. I meant to do that and forgot lol. Yes i like the template i think it goes good with my product line.

        Trying to decide if i should offer free shipping with higher priced items or offer a flate rate fee and then free for say orders over 100

        Also waiting on them to install my ssl certificate


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          That is actually the same template that our store used for 2 years, although we did modify the colors and what not to fit our company logo/colors. I dig it though, worked great for us, hope you have the same success.

          I just updated our site and just put it live yesterday, , what do you think?


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            You're using MY template LOL

            Only thing I noticed and it's still got me on the edge of my seat is in your Goodbye 2014 diddy it says: We'd also like to thank all of our great vendors for the continued support they provide us! Let's

            Let's what? Come on, I can handle it, tell me. Let's what? ;-)

            I like to offer flat rate shipping myself, but since I changed to the responsive template for some reason I can't get international rates to calculate and because we had to do so many custom, my weight, by price, by by by, now my flat rate $15 doesn't show up. It's always something we're trying to tweak, isn't it? Although, I can say from my experience that free shipping has ALWAYS helped my conversion rates, even with slightly higher pricing


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              I'm definitely no coder so for me to change the top nav bar and side category menu was quite the experience. Nothing like trial and error!

              Good catch on the text being cut off. It shall be corrected!