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  • Single Page Checkout V2

    I am playing with the new HTML5 templates and want to play with the new designed one page checkout (I guess called V2). How do you switch to that layout. Has anyone tried it and like it better than the old one?

    This is the site that I saw the redesigned one page checkout.
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    Hi Slinc,

    In your admin panel go:

    1) settings-->design-->template editor

    2) click edit on checkout-singlepage-v2.html

    3) select all > copy

    4) click "Back"

    5) click edit on checkout-singlepage.html

    6) select all > paste

    7) Save changes

    8) settings-->general-->store settings: scroll to the bottom and clear cache.

    That should get you set up with the V2 checkout.

    Also make sure you have single page checkout selected in your store settings.

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      that worked. I actually like how this is setup. a few little changes and it will be less overwhelming then the other single page checkout.


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        I like how it looks too but it might be good to find out from 3dcart whether it's ready for primetime. They don't have any articles on it so I'm wondering if it's beta


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          There might be an issue with this template...if you have email confirmation enabled (where the customer has to enter twice) it seems to not display the second box on some browsers.



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            I checked with support and V2 is still a Beta, even though it is available. I don't know what else is broken, but not worth risking it.