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How to add or move some things around on product page.

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  • How to add or move some things around on product page.

    I want to move a few things around on our product pages. I have read the documentation on the listing template and other listing templates, but I still am not understanding how to move these around or add new ones to the file.

    I want to add Brand: "brand name" where the price and review stars are. On our another cart cart we had brand name on the product page and it was a click-able link to that brands url file so you can look at all the products under that brand. I really would like to have that here. here is a screen shot of where i want to put it.

    this is where it is on our current cart ForcedFab RB25det 240sx swap drive shaft S13 or S14

    I want to move the product name to above the photo so we can move all the pricing and availability up some and condense it. Where do I do this? I am still learning the template files in 3dcart. on BC i could manipulate this with some work.

    I also want to have the availability to say Availability: like it would with brand:

    Also is there any way to have the shipping rate say


    This choices like "Calculated at check out" , "Free Shipping" , or "Fixed cost $xx.xx"

    The template just looks sloppy with out those bold lists items with proper spacing between every line. It seems like this template was thrown together with out much care for details.

    @thecartdesigner, I am going to send you an email to get a quote on doing this stuff for me, I have two stores we are going to likely use the same template on them both. I actually can not work on our main site for another few weeks due to 3dcart working on a migration. I have another site in which i need the same changes, I also need to change colors of some of the items like the top nav menu and pretty much all the red in the template to an orange. I have been working on learning to do this, and think i have it figured out, but if i can pay a reasonable fee to you and just have it done it would make my life much easier, so expect a email or two from me.

    thanks guys


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    Hi Jon,

    Sent you a pm.

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      thank you!