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Changing Item ID and Availability Font

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  • Changing Item ID and Availability Font

    I am trying to change the font style from bold to normal on two things, SKU number (on category page and product page) and availability, again on the category and product page.

    Currently, both are "bold" and I want to change them to normal but I can't find where to change them. I have searched all over the CSS file but guess I dont know what I am looking for.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    What pages do you want them changed on? The quickest way would be to find them in the page template you want them changed on (ex: listing_0.html) and add a span with a new class around them.

    <span class="normal">[availability]</span>
    Then add that class to your CSS:

    .normal { font-weight:normal; }
    But the better way is to find what class is making the fields bold to begin with. I recommend using the Firebug add-on for Firefox; it's easy to understand for a novice and will allow you see what CSS is causing the bold text. One of the buttons will let you "click an element in the page to inspect," and once you've selected the element you don't want bold you'll see what styles are applied via CSS in a dialog box to the right.

    In Firebug, you can "mute" a line of CSS and see how it affects the rest of your page as well. You may decide to add a "normal" class to those elements in the end.
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