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  • Using iframe for shopping cart

    Continuing work on setting up registration for state convention for our Lions Club. default. Moved the shopping cart to it's own tab on the home page and to keep the same nav bar and look/feel, placed it in an iframe. Looks to enage shopping cart with no issues, but as I'm progressing to checkout after placing an item in the cart, I get error message that there are no items in the cart. Is there something more I need to do to leverage an iframe approach this way? We're almost ready to go online if we can get this issue resolved. backend is set to test only if anyone wants to kick the tires. :^) Thanks!

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    is it just ie thats giving the problem? i had a hard time replicating it elsewhere..

    i know the cart contents are contained in a cookie.. perhaps its ie up to its old tricks again. A quick google about ie and cookie problems from iframes brings up a pretty big list. Is redirecting from your site to 3dcart to do the registration out of the question? You can just set your frame in 3dcart to match for look and feel purposes.


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      I can't proceed to checkout from Chrome. I think it is probably folly to try to do the iframe approach. I strongly suggest you put the time in to design the 3DCart site to look identical to yours and send registrants there.


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        I would strongly suggest staying away from this approach. This will create more issues down the line and will end up hurting you in the long run. Besides slowing down your website, you will not be able to accurately track your analytics.

        To answer your question, each browser handles cookies differently. all shopping carts use cookies to track your shopping eg. adding an item to your cart etc. by using an iframe your telling the browser "Hey! grab this website and put it in this window within this window" this creates issues with the path of the cookie, so when you go to check out the shopping cart request the cookie from the normal "default" path but cant find anything.

        Hope this answers your question.
        - Peace