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    Hey guys...
    could you possibly browse my store (mainly in the team outfitting categories) and let me know if there's anything off...or doesn't look right..any advise is welcome! I redid my website and changed the template quite a bit and I haven't gotten an order since and I usually don't go a day without an order.

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    Off the bat...
    1 - Your menu is not visible. Make it white on red (your back ground color)
    Make the visited links and hover-overs another lighter color, perhaps a lighter shade of red.

    2 - Your search text box is missing a pixel or two from the left, i know it is cosmetic but if it is noticeable, then looks off.
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      Thanks! I'll try to fix those things :)


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        Few things I have noticed:

        Under figure skating the picture of the woman is too large and not clickable.

        Under Sarasota Scullers the clickable brings me nowhere.

        At checkout the online credit card option is there twice. You might consider taking other payment options.

        You have no About Us page or FAQ page.

        Your contact page font needs to be changed. Your email needs to be an email form or at least clickable, nobody wants to copy paste your web address to email you. (Least I wouldn't).

        Your return policy is too rigid. What if the shipper damages the item? What if your company makes a mistake with the customizing? There should be something in your policy to cover this type of problem. Do you accept returns for non customized products?

        Possibly ad a blog about these topics, for good measure.
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          Nice job. Here are my comments.

          -Add call to action to your slideshow images. Buy now buttons, browse, or such.
          -I'd make the Catalog Links with a target="_blank" attribute, so they do not leave the main web site.
          -With my screen size at least, it looked like the home page did not extend downwards. There is no indication there there is more below the slideshow and the team logos. Some sort of design element to indicate the the page is not finished would help make people see the categories below.
          -I agree that the category headers are too tall, pushing everything else below the fold
          -the listing page has the same issue as the category pages, the image pushes everything else below the fold. Many customers would just get confused and bail. experiment with some other listing page styles. You can assign different templates and see which performs better.
          -View Cart and Account at top right cannot be seen with white on grey.
          -I would change the wording on "Log in to Your Account" on the checkout page to "Optional: Account Log-In". Again, some customers would think they have to log in and bail. Most will not read the small font 26 word line above the button.
          -again, with "Create New Account ", change it to "Optional:Create New Account "
          -I also second accepting PayPal. we get about 25-30% of our sales with PayPal, and some people would not shop otherwise.
          - This is a question that I have and maybe some customers of yours might also have. At the bottom of the "One Page Checkout" page, the button says "Checkout". I thought that is what this page was??!! what happens when I click it. Does it finalize the order, or do I get a chance to review it before I finalize the order. I would really hesitate before clicking it as I would not be sure of the outcome !!!!!!!! Changing the wording would really help. (I really would like an answer to this).


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            - The view cart link on the header is invisible
            - On Checkout page "My Account" link is invisible
            - the background color on the checkout page, keep the same as the rest of your site. Black on Grey is hard to read.
            - Once the customer is on the checkout page, there is not options to get back to the view cart page.
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              • Your logo and shipping message are too big. Are you selling your name or products? The logo is 893px wide. 500px wide will work out best and allow your cart to be seen. Reducing it will also reduce the "white space" on many of the pages.
              • Reduce the shipping message about 50%.
              • Move your phone number from the footer to the top, make it smaller and NOT bright red. It is currently hard to read.
              • Your messages on other pages like Click on Your Team Below to Shop need reducing down to one line, no period. OR take it out completely. Do you really need to explain how to use your website?
              • Consider making your content area and "alternative" color white, off-white or a much lighter gray, like #e8e8e8 or #f8f8f8. It will highlight your products better.

              Happy Selling!


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                thank you!