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New CSS website needs testers :)

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  • New CSS website needs testers :)

    Hi Everyone,

    I finished a new site and would like your help in testing it out.

    It was build using CSS and jQuery.
    I also loosely used the CSS 960 grid system to help align divs and txt.

    I would appreciate any feedback regarding your experience navigating the site.

    I will be uploading more products and completing a few missing pages in the days to come.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask, Ill be happy to help.

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    - Peace

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    I like it. Loaded a little show for me but sheesh seems the internet has been slow since the storm on the East coast so I haven't been judging anything too harshly in that regard lately. It's a nice clean site and I like that also.


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      *quick search is not working
      *If you search for an item, you get the search page. Add an item to the cart from the search page, you get the minicart, if you use Continue shopping you will get the search page back, however if you just close the box, you get an empty search page. Maybe just remove the X
      *on the shopping cart, the first items is off to the left by 75px
      * Showing the items on Checkout-1, pushes the actual checkout page way down if you have many items in the cart. Might be confusing.
      * on Checkout-1 there is no step 4, but there are two step 6's
      * you might want to use Display="block" for the shipping methods so they will just show up without clicking show rates.

      all the time I've got now. Nice site.


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        Thanks for the feedback :)

        elightbox, I have already fixed a few of your suggestions however, I am having a bit of an issue reproducing some of the issues you are having. Would you mind posting or PM me what operating system you are on along with the browser version you are using.

        Thanks a TON!!
        Your feedback is invaluable.

        Thanks :)
        - Peace


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          Where would you add the display="block" to show all the shipping rates at once? We solved the problem through another way, but this seems a lot simpler.