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New rich snippets change from Google?

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  • New rich snippets change from Google?

    in webmaster tools, my site just started showing the message:

    Warning: Incomplete microdata with

    Here's an example:
    Google Structured Data URL Test

    I came across this google groups post that might be related. Does anyone know what we're missing?
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    I looked around and it seems like most of the other 3Dcarts get the same error.

    Could it be 'Breadcrumb'? I noticed on the example Google has up for products that it seems to be the only major thing all of us have in common -

    Google Structured Data Testing Tool

    Seems easy to test, I'm just not sure how to set this up on our site.


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      in case anyone comes across this and needs to update their listing template, this is the important information I received in response to the support ticket:

      Having two instances of (<div itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="">) would cause the error. We removed the one wrapping around the Availability and the availability indicator for Rich Snippets was moved within the (<div itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="">) for the Product's Pricing