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    I know there is a simple way to do this, just can't figure it out. On my content pages I have some tutorials with images, and I want to put a thumbnail image in and have a larger one pop up if clicked or moused over. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    I can make it link to the larger image, but no matter what target I set (blank, self, parent) it automatically opens the image on the same page, instead of opening a new page. Is that a browser thing or is it a setting I'm missing?


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    first of all are you doing target="blank" or target="_blank" ? the first one wont work.

    Secondly, target blank is more trouble that its worth in most points. A better bet to get by all the popup blockers and anti spam crap is just to use a javascript modal if you can get away with it. If the client (a mobile device perhaps) is viewing your item you can always fall back to target="_blank" if you so desire.

    There are a ton of modal libraries out there if you are familiar with doing this type of code yourself. I for one choose shadowbox. Its very versatile should you ever decide to modal anything else besides pictures.



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      Thanks so much! Just looked it over and will definitely go this route. Haven't done anything like this before but looks pretty straightforward.

      The instructions say to install the folder on the web server--can you tell me if there is a particular place that works best, ie: under assets???


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        in my template folder i just added a js folder.. stuck it in there (i believe the css files have to stay in the same folder.. so make sure not to move those.)


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          Thanks! :)