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    can someone help trying to change my product image size,but it seems to small,some are cut off,im taking pics my self,i put my thumbnail images on 145x220 but no luck...i just hope i dont have to retake my,thanks

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    What size do you have your thumbnail size set to in your Settings->General? The default is 100x100 (e.g. max dimension is 100). Even if you change it, if you had your thumbnails generated from the main image, they won't be automatically resized (I believe).
    Joanne Barker
    VS Web Design
    [email protected]


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      Helllo and thumbnails are set @ 145x220 and i also tried doing it from the aviary editor but it doesnt work


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        Hello -
        I don't talk techie very well, but I had to go into my templates for Home Page, Category Page, etc. and make adjustments to the line that looks like this:

        <td align="center" height="265"><div style="overflow: hidden; height: 265px;"><a href="product.asp?itemid=[catalogid]"><img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[THUMBNAIL]&maxx=180&maxy=0" alt="[name]" border="0" /></a></div></td>

        I needed to change the height and maxx= values to get my thumbnails to show properly.

        Remember to clear your cache in the Settings before you check to see if that works, hope this helps.


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          thanks...i will try that.