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    I don't use any images for my products.

    The browsing/shopping is done on another site - the decision has already been made once the shopper clicks the link that takes them to my 3dcart site.

    Accordingly, I've been trying to get rid of any image display.

    To get rid of the default.jpg display, I set the image size to 0x0 in the checkout-stepX.html files.

    I seem to have read something somewhere though about the templates potentially being overwritten.

    Would I be correct to assume that the user-definable portions of the templates are not subject to overwrite, and that it's just the parts we can't change that are integral to the cart function that would be overwritten when 3dcart does software updates?

    Are there any other factors that make what I did a Bad Idea?

    Am I missing an obvious better way?

    On a further note: are there known issues in using Firefox to edit templates?

    I've noticed odd behavior where when I go through the Template Editor via FF, on initial page load, the browser seems to be directed past the page to a blank page - Back brings it back to the code page. Once there, clicking any text (to select a text segment) deletes the text.

    This is Firefox Portable - no issue in IE 6.0.
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    Yup. Surely there are problems w/ non-IE browsers...

    I am still appalled by whoever decided this was okay...


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      changing the dimensions to 0x0 is not correct, you should remove the entire <img ...> tag