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A bit upset about Favicon problem...

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  • A bit upset about Favicon problem...

    I contacted 3dCart through their support ticket feature. I asked them how I would go about adding a favicon so that it shows up in my customers browser. They replied to me and told me that it would cost $60 for them to do it, but they never told me that it was something that could be done myself. Something told me to ask around so I did and sure enough I was made one myself and installed myself in less that 5 minutes and it didn't cost me a thing. Why would they do that, instead of giving me the option to do it myself or hire them to do it, but I feel that they knew I didn't know much about it so they just decided to say it was something that needed to be done by them. That makes me a little upset, so now when I have a question about my site I always get a second opinion since I don't feel that I can trust them. I don't know if it was on purpose or ot but if it was, that was kind of mean.

    Any way check out my Favicon go to my site at and look in your browser and you will see a little pink shippingcart to match my site. If you have Firfox it will show right up, if you have internet explorer then you may have to bookmark my site first the n refresh the page to see it.

    Tell me what you think.

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    Speaking entirely for myself, I have users on the network that I administer that I can give directions to and be confident that they will either be successful, or come to me for further assistance at the appropriate time.

    Others, I can't trust do do much of anything on their own.

    It's not that they are stupid or lazy - they just aren't comfortable doing certain things.

    Because I've had to come in behind them a few times too many and spend 2 hours cleaning up what should have been a 5 minute job, I now discourage them from doing much on their own.

    I've missed some pretty obvious configuration options in 3dcart, and I'm sure the support staff had a good laugh when they read them.

    I'm also pretty sure their impression of my technical abilities got knocked down a peg or three at the same time.

    As to fees charged - so far the only extra I've spent was an hour for color matching to our old site. It isn't rocket science, but it's tedious, prone to errors if one isn't familiar with the cart layout, and just not something I wanted to waste any more time upon. It was money well spent.


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      I understad what you are saying but at the same time, they shouldn't automatically just assume that all their customers know nothing about this, thy should have at least made it known that it could have been done by me or I could hire them to do it but they didn't. They had me believe that it could only be done by them and they would have to charge me for something that could have been done for free by me. I just hate being nickled and dimed.


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        I reviewed the ticket, the response by the technician was:

        "That's a favicon, if you email us the image that you want to use in a .ico format then we'll set that up for you."

        Your next question was if there was a cost for us to set it up, and then the technician replied with the price.

        At no time did we say you could not do it yourself. In fact, all HTML/Graphics/Front End related work can be done by you with the tools we provided you. A simple search on for terms such as "Favicon" will get you tons of related "How to's".
        Gonzalo Gil
        3dCart Support
        800-828-6650 x111


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          There isn't any how to add favicons to 3dcart when I searched google. When sent the ticket I asked how I could get the favicon in my browser ad the reply ws to send you the image and you could set it up for me, you never implied that it could be done by me or even let me know that it was an option. 3dcart is set up different than most which is why I sent the ticket to see what my options were for adding the favicon. I did a search on this forum and found that people did it themselves so I did followed their instructions and got it to work. All I am saying is the response from the person who answered my ticket was that it was a paid service, he could have told me that it was something that could have been done outside of using 3dcarts installation service. That's all I am saying. It is done now and I am happy with the results.