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Way to link to blog article via module vs. relative path to static .html file?

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  • Way to link to blog article via module vs. relative path to static .html file?


    Does anyone know of a way to link to a blog article via module rather than relative path to the static .html file, similar to how you can link to a product:


    or category:


    This would be a big help for me - thanks to the community in advance!

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    I figured it out.

    Naturally, after trying for an hour to figure this out and finally throwing in the towel to post to the forum, I figured it out. With a little more trial and error, I believe this to be the correct format if anyone else comes across this questions


    Where 'XX' is the number of the blog post id. Hope this helps someone!


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      Note you can also do it this way:

      Where ### is the blog post ID. Some-Arbitrary-Text can be whatever you want, but would presumably be the title. But if you do not know the title because you are loading it programmatically you can just make it, for example, "blogpost"

      This also works for product and category pages. I have found this preferable over using the view_category.asp?cat=99 format, although I can't remember off the top of my head why. I think it was that 3DCart will do a redirect with the .asp? format, and drop any extra URL parameters you might be passing (such as analytics parameters)