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    trying to change the image (thumbnail?) size within catagory pages. i have hired someone in the past to make the size bigger than the default. now i want to change back but don't know how.

    i know that by going into settings>home page doesn't really do much as it has default sizes it defaults to.

    i have gone into temp>home>catagories and changing the height and where it says "maxx=150&maxy=0" then i clear cache but no changes.

    how can i change it? its gotta be easier than this!!! i have dynamic view top menu, does this have anything to do with the sizes not changing?

    also, i cannot get my slideshow (from picasa) to align with my top menu!!! tried hiding left bar/right bar. tried going into home page template and changing the alignment but it did not make any changes... :(

    thanks in advance...

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    Your source says maxx233 maxy350
    Take a look at settings/general/store settings/
    about half way down see product settings and you will see size settings for thumbs etc. I suspect it's 233 350


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      Hello mondo,

      tks for your reply. yes, as you suspect it's 233x350. i have tried to change and clearing cache but it doesn't make any changes...

      any other thoughts?


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        I'm not 100% sure, but when you uploaded images, if you used the Create Thumbnail from Main image function, it would have resized the image based on your settings at the time. So, changing the settings now doesn't automatically resize the images again.

        Some carts have the ability to go through, in a batch process, to resize thumbnail images when you change the system settings.
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          Yikes! hadn't thought about that just being the resizing option instead of the display parameter but reading the info popup seems to be true. Good news, there appears to be a batch re-size in file manager.
          get in to your file manager/images files/I'd probably click on two for a test. Down at the bottom there is a Batch action drop down with resize options/give it a shot and see how it goes.
          You could also cheat and style the size into your cat template but resizing would be better for B/W and load times if your making them smaller.
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            Excellent....hadn't seen that option before. Thanks!
            Joanne Barker
            VS Web Design
            [email protected]


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              I just found it after your previous post.
              Audrey, I'm pretty sure you want set your new settings size proportional to the old or it will squish or stretch them
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                Suggestion, nearly everyone is on DSL or faster now. After resizing or even before I'd recommend upping your products per page to at least 48. several cats would display on one page and would cut the search pages by 2/3 on the others.
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                  Thank-you for the replies everyone. I have tried batch resizing but it doesn't seem to "visually" change the size when i go into my site. :(

                  I have now ran into another problem which seems to be more urgent than resizing the pics.

                  The new items that i upload (using same size pics, same editing, everything same as before) are blurry. if you look closely in my categories page (new arrivals to be exact) the recent scarves and jacket uploaded seem blurry compared to the older items. it seems to be happening since i "tried" to change the image sizes...

                  Any thoughts?? (i will be posting a new thread in regards to this, pls feel free to comment on either one if you have any suggestions for me)

                  Thank-you!! and btw, i will follow mondo's advice and up the number of images show per pg. i don't know why i never thought of that!)