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  • Customize Product in Checkout

    Hello! I am trying to achieve something close to a live product designer. When you choose an option, it adds it to the main image, showing the customer what it looks like with different options, several options at a time.

    Example: Knockaround Custom Premium Sunglasses

    I know I can achieve something close to it with dropimage, (and the JavaScript mod that allows the main image to change once) but unfortunately it's not close enough. I need the image options to layer.

    We are one of the last in our industry to NOT have this feature, and if this isn't possible it's a matter of switching carts. We do not want to do that, as we've had a great experience with 3Dcart so far, and we really, really want to stay.

    Our site:

    Any help you JavaScript geniuses could give would be MUCH appreciated. :)

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    What exactly about using a dropimage makes it not an option? Just a lot of tedious work, or is there something specific?

    A javascript implementation would work, but would still take a lot of time, as well.


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      DropImage is great, but I need it to go a few steps further. "Design Your Own" sites are all the rage right now, and that's what this would simulate.

      Our scenario:

      The main image will show a plain black Xbox controller. Say the user chooses the red lights option. Red lights appear on the Xbox controller. User chooses red sticks. Main image now shows black controller, red lights and red sticks. Change to blue lights, main image updates. And so on. Every option chosen needs to layer on top of the main image to simulate one product, which will allow the user to "design their own."

      DropImage only shows a thumbnail. The manual Javascript change that allows the drop image to change TO the main image, still doesn't allow for more options.

      I will painstakingly cut them out in Photoshop and do any amount of work for this project, I feel as if I'm only missing a bit of Javascript code.

      Thank you again! If we can figure this out, there is quite a bit of demand for this type of site, and not many experts. Good for us AND 3Dcart. :)
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        I don't use the 3DCart options system at all really, so javascript aside, is this even possible at that level? ie. will 3DCart let you choose an arbitrary combination of options?

        If it does, then I assume that the javascript portion IS possible, but just tricky. Probably beyond the scope of the people in this forum.


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          Its definitely possible to do. Options on our site change the product ID based upon a combination. Im sure that could be used to set the images as well.

          How is another question. Javascript alone probably wont do it. I would guess it would be also require CSS to set the images in layers. Certainly beyond my coding abilities

          Definitely has my wheels turning though. Im going to pull the code from the linked example and see how that particular cart is doing it. Ill post back if I find any revelations.