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Custom Skin will not work

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  • Custom Skin will not work

    Hello everyone,

    I'm developing a custom layout for 3D cart and so far I can't get frame.html to work correctly. No matter what I do, I can't get the content that is supposed to be displayed between the header and footer to show, for example the homepage layout.

    I'm posting here hoping that someone had a similar issue to mine and knew how to solve it. I've pasted my code in pastebin so that it's easier to read and spot errors, which I'm pretty sure you'll find.

    [HTML] frame.html -

    [HTML] home.html -

    Thanks in advance

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    Frame.html has a special keyword which pulls in the content of home.html

    Put that where you want home.html to appear


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      That did the trick. It pulled the content from home.html but now the code inside home.html is not being parsed.

      Will "MIDDLE" work for the other pages too? For example extrapage.html and all the other template files that make a complete skin/theme?

      Thank you for your help.


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        If you give me a link to a live page I might be able to help more. I dont know why it wouldnt parse home.html.

        The MIDDLE keyword is only for the combination of frame.html+home.html


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          Hi there,

          This is the URL: Welcome to S T Associates - Sample Slogan

          As you can see, the placeholders are not getting replaced, but it does look like it's being included correctly after placing MIDDLE inside of frame.html


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            Nothing jumps out, but I assume it is a missing tag somewhere. Here is an example from my own home.html. I only do 'featured items':

            <!--START: FEATURE_MENU-->
            <!--START: CATEGORY_ITEMS-->
            <!--START: ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->
            		<div class="home_thumb_holder">
            			<!-- <img src="assets/images/products/[id].jpg" class="home_thumb" alt="[name]"> -->
            			<img src="[image1]" class="home_thumb" alt="[name]">
            		<div class="center">
            		<a href="product.asp?itemid=[catalogid]" class="product-link">[name]<br>
            			<!--START: ITEMPRICE-->
            			<!--END: ITEMPRICE-->
            <!--END: ITEM_TEMPLATE_0-->
            <!--END: CATEGORY_ITEMS-->
            <!--END: FEATURE_MENU-->


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              I replaced the content's of home.html with your code and it pulls the products as expected. I think one of my code blocks might be wrong so I'm going to start removing them one at a time and see if I can find out the culprit.


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                Everything between START: CATEGORIES and END: CATEGORIES is the same on yours as it is on mine (which works). However, I notice some other differences which may affect things:

                Your category code is in your home.html, whereas mine is in frame.html. Mine is also in the right bar of a table. While the table might not do anything, the right bar might. However, I notice that on mine, these are nested inside other blocks, in the following order (simplified):

                START: RIGHT BAR
                td ... class="frame"
                START: RIGHT_BAR_BLOCKS
                START: FRAME_CATEGORY
                (table containing the same code you have)
                END: FRAME_CATEGORY
                START: FRAME_XYZ
                (other frames)
                END: FRAME_XYZ
                END: RIGHT_BAR_BLOCKS
                END: RIGHT BAR

                Also make sure, of course, that you don't have "Hide Categories" selected in your store settings, and that you have categories to populate these lists.

                I hope, and assume, you haven't been using the WYSIWIG template editor; that thing messes up the nesting of tags terribly and I had to start over from scratch when I first tried using it.

                Hope this helps you narrow things down. Good luck!