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Page formatting is disabled when printing. How to enable it?

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  • Page formatting is disabled when printing. How to enable it?

    I am trying to save a PDF of one of our store item pages for a client so they can add comments to a draft item listing. However, when I try to go to print [as PDF] it removes all the formatting. The client is not satisfied with a screenshot.

    I cannot find any indication of what mechanism causes the CSS to be disabled when printing. I can't find it in frame.html, css-frame-template.css, nor any of the settings.

    I have tried on multiple browsers/OSes to make sure it's not just a browser issue.

    Does anyone know how to get it to print the way it looks on the screen??

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    I doubt you will find an elegant workaround. Some pages just do not print well to PDF.

    I guess you could take a screenshot and then print that screenshot to PDF.


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      Near the top of your frame file is a line that pulls down your stylesheet--something like:

      <link rel="StyleSheet" href="assets/templates/[template]/css/[stylesheet]" type="text/css" media="screen">
      Change media="screen" to media="all" and the browser will apply the CSS file to the print output as well. Just be aware that there's no guarantee that things will look right, but at least you have a chance for it to work out.

      Also, there may be som other stylesheets referenced in the frame that you need to make the same change for--quicksearch.css is probably not a huge concern, but we use tabs.css and a few others that would look bad if not styled for printing.


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        I knew it was something so simple. Thanks!