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Global footer not showing up on category pages

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  • Global footer not showing up on category pages

    Hi guys, I've searched the entire forum, even talked to tech support, and gone through KB files and still can't find a solution. Have any of you had a problem with the global footer not showing up on the category pages? I'm talking about the global footer, not the category footer.

    What I did was create a table with navigation links in the global footer section of the admin panel. It appears perfectly at the bottom of my site on all the pages except for my category pages. I've looked in the frame.html and the category_0 (1-3) files. What I found was the category files don't control the global footer. So it's got to be the frame.html file, right? But what puzzles me is why it's working throughout my site with the exception of the category pages. Product pages are fine too. Does anyone have a solution?


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    It is hard enough diagnosing html when you are looking at it, but doing it blind is beyond my abilities.
    Give a link to a page, and I will take a look, I might see something amiss.


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      Without looking its hard to say. Have you tried to use a different category style? You should have a couple to choose from? But, yes the code for the global footer is normally frame.html only.
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