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Int'l shipping Quote on View Cart. Benefit or defecit?

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  • Int'l shipping Quote on View Cart. Benefit or defecit?

    I have seen many people ask for the international shipping quote to be available on the Shopping Cart page, and 3dcart just obliged with this feature.
    Now that I have an option, I want help to decide whether this will help or hurt international sales.

    Here are my take on why it would be better to show rates later. I would love to hear rebuttals, and counter arguments.
    1.The customer would be more vested in the order if they enter their info first to get a shipping quote
    2. we use multi-page checkout, where the customer has to enter an e-mail and shipping address before they see the shipping rates. Having the e-mail allows us to send a followup e-mail, many of which made a sale, or had the customer contact us and we were able to offer a better rate and close the sale.
    3.The shipping page allows for more space to offer some explanations.
    4. If a customer asks for a shipping quote, all their info and cart is accessible. the time they are on the shipping page, it is only one more click to close the sale. All the work is already done.

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    Playing devil's advocate here, why would the logic be any different for international vs domestic sales? If you feel it is beneficial to have a shipping quote available for domestic customers on the cart, wouldn't that also apply to international customers?


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      I actually removed the domestic shipping quote last week prior to 5.1 coming out.
      We have flat rate shipping and free shipping and it is stated on the shopping cart page. So 95% of customers do not need the shipping quote. The other five percent can go through checkout to find the rates. International is so expensive, I am afraid seeing the rates on the shopping cart would just scare them off immediately with nothing vested.

      I am still open to change my mind. My heels are no dug in, I just want more of the other point of view, as sometimes I only end up seeing my side of the argument :)


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        We used to get at least 10 people a day calling or emailing about international shipping costs. We added the feature and that went to about 1 per day and conversions didn't go down. In fact, if anything, it went up because they had the information up front and didn't have to bother writing or calling us.


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          Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated.