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  • Template with all tables stripped out

    Here is a tableless (and well pretty much just a visual blob) 3dcart template but it works fine and has all the 3dcart tags and default scripts. (It is the default 3dcart common template with all tables removed).

    If you are curious how to strip all the tables from a template yourself you just need to grab a copy of notepad++, a copy of a template and the regular expression below to strip all table tags. (I suggest uploading the tableless template using a different name so you can then switch back and forth between your current template and the tableless template)


    (expression is from Regular Expression to remove HTML tables*|*Too Much Information)

    Open Notepad++. Search -> Find In Files. Check the regular expression text box, select your template directory, leave the replace text blank then click replace in files on the form to remove all table tags.

    Just copy over your sites existing css file to restore your current colors ect.

    (see Welcome to Your Cable Store - to take a look, note no orders will be processed but credit card processing is live so use the test order payment method if you checkout).
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