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default.htm page - need help with blog tags

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  • default.htm page - need help with blog tags

    I am using a default.htm page as my home with a JQuery navigation layout. For one of the options, I am trying to embed the blog.asp data fields, but do not want to do an iframe - dont need the header, etc. to show in the iframe, just the text.

    For example see Welcome to

    click red button - behind the scenes to demo what i am referring to. What I need help with is figuring how to reference the blog tags since this page is outside of the main templated site. I only want the client to update the blog content through the social commerce section of the backend.


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    Hmmm.. that's a tough one. While you may be able to find some creative way around it, my first instinct is to say that this is impossible. The 3DCart template system only look for tags on pages where they are expected to be. So it will only do the [subject] [blog_read-more] (etc.) tags on the blog.asp webpage.