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Need help with split (A/B) testing

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  • Need help with split (A/B) testing

    I can find any information on how to do A/B testing with 3dcart. Can anyone guide me here? I would like to test different versions on my home page as well as product pages for conversion.

    Thank a lot.

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    It's kind of complicated and will depend on what you want to test.

    3DCart works best with in-line testing which uses javascript to trigger at load-time and run a specific part of the page for the visitor. For example you might surround your home page banner with javascript tags and embed an alternate version of the banner, and your testing service which decide whether to give the visitor the default or alternate banner.

    Google Website Optimizer used to offer this kind of testing, then it rolled into Google Analytics and they no longer do. Now they only offer simply A/B testing which requires that you have a different URL. So you might have home1.html with one banner and home2.html with another banner.

    Unfortunately this does not work very well with 3DCart, if at all. You can't really have multiple versions of a product page. You might be able to fudge a way to have multiple home pages, but it won't be simple.

    I believe there are A/B testing services that use in-line testing, but I think they all cost money.


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      That's what I was afraid of based on my quick search. I'll see what's out there that I can try before buying.
      Do you think something like Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer would work? They say they use javascript as you mentioned.

      Thank you very much for your guidance.


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        I haven't looked at those. Pretty much every site will use javascript to some extent. The thing to look for is if permits testing within the same page, or if it requires sending visitors to different pages.


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          Thank you very much.