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    Hi Folks,

    Relatively new here and am looking for some help. I need to add a button to my page that pop up a new window (not just open a new tab). I figured out how to do this so that it opens a new tab but thats not really what I want. The pop up box will be linking to a secondary site that I have with product choices on it so I need my website to remain open in the background with the pop up on top. Anyone have any advice?

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    Do you mean something like?

    <a href="" target="_blank">HTML WORDS FOR LINK</a>

    But with a button?

    Replace Red words with your desired web address and link words you desire.

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      no, that opens it up in a new page/tab from what I can see. I need just a pop up box.

      thanks for the idea though!


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        You need to use javascript to create a window like this. A quick google found this site which lets you customize the window size and generate code for it:

        Create a Javascript Popup Window