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Sending a customer email (adjusting template)

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  • Sending a customer email (adjusting template)

    I'm in the customers order and I click on the email tab (to send them a message)

    The (auto) email subject line that comes up (in my email program) is "Order: xxxx"

    I want to change the subject to "About your MyStoreName Order:xxxx"

    Where do I change the Subject line, so it automatically comes up as I want?

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    Settings -> Design -> Emails

    Find the listing that is called "New Order - Customer" and click Edit

    Adjust the subject line and save.


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      No, that changes the New order emails to customers.
      That's not what I am doing.
      Thanks though


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        How exactly are you sending the email? I'm not sure what email tab you are referring to.

        The one I assumed you meant was Order detail page -> Actions -> Customer Email


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          When I view an existing (or completed) order, you will see the customer billing info.
          Next to his email address there is an email button.
          CLick on it to send the customer an email (like hey, we are short of the color item).
          It uses my email program, and in the subject line it automatically fills "Order: xxxx".
          I want it to say "Your MyStoreName Order: xxxx"


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            Oh. There is no way to change that, realistically.


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              Its actually easy to change but unfortunately we dont have access to the code. 3dcart could change it in about 30 seconds for your store but Id bet they will charge you for custom coding.


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                It doesn't really make sense for 3DCart to get into the habit of customizing backends for such small and insignificant changes. If they did it for free it would cause a huge headache when upgrading servers to new versions, especially because if they do it for Muldrick, then everyone will want it done for them.

                Are there a dozen little HTML changes that I want done to my backend to make it better for ME? Sure. But this is the back-end that 3DCart supplies. There is no way I wouldn't charge for changes if I were them.