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    How and where do I change fonts? and how do I change font color? REALLY new to this. :confused:

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    Hi Colleen,

    The way I changed the fonts & font colors on the template I chose to use was to go to Admin > Settings > Design > Themes & Styles. Once there, click on the "Edit Styles" button and that will take you to the spot where you can edit the CSS on most parts of the template, including the font choices (and colors). Just scroll down till you see "Font 1" and "Font 2" and change it there. If you need to change the fonts/colors of other parts of the template (i.e. buttons), you should just play around with editing the various "Styles" and see what happens. Just pay attention to what changes you make (and check your progress after each change) so that you can easily change things back if you don't get the desired effect.

    I hope that helps. I'm better at "doing" than explaining, so forgive me if my explanation is not clear.