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Removing right column from browse by manufacturer pages

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  • Removing right column from browse by manufacturer pages

    Is this possible? I would like to remove the right bar from the manufacturer pages but unfortunately 3dcart admin doesnt allow you that sort of customization as far as I can see by the admin tools. I've taken a look around and see that some stores have managed to do this, and I'm curious what must be done?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Sure, but you have to be comfortable editing HTML.

    The template file that controls the look of the manufacturer pages is search_group.html


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      That's fine! thanks for the info - so that would remove it from the manufacturer pages only and not other "extra" pages?


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        Correct. Put a copy of the /web/assets/templates/common/search_group.html file into your /web/assets/templates/YourTemplate directory and play around with it. If you get it messed up just put in a fresh copy from the common folder.


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          So as an update, I've been looking at this and cannot figure it out for the life of me. My goal is to essentially not allow the top seller & New Releases widgets from showing up ONLY on this page but they are not a part of the template from what I can see. Any advice?


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            Can you post a link to your site and point out exactly what widgets you want to remove?


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              Just post this code at the top of the search_group.html template

              HTML Code:
              <style type="text/css">
              #column2 {display: none; }
              #column1 {display: none;}
              ***Column2 hides right column
              ***Column1 hides left column


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                A lot of times the columns are specified with css "right-column" "left-column". Put this CSS inline at the very top of the html page you are trying to modify.


                .right-column {
                display: none;


                Having the CSS inline will allow you to remove it from that page specifically. Hope this helps.

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                  Thanks so much I'll give it a shot :)


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                    Worked like a charm, you rock! Now to figure out my other small things I want to fix lol :)