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adjusting custom template to omit product

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  • adjusting custom template to omit product

    support won't help me because this is a custom template. fair enough. but, this should be fairly straight forward for someone who knows CSS and 3DCart's site structure well enough (I don't). So, I thought I'd ask this forum before going the paid support route.

    Firstly, we paid 3DCart to develop a custom category template which functions as a product template. nevermind the why--it works as we require and we have no problem with the template.

    I just need to make a copy of it and customize it such that it renders with no inventory items (product), even if the category does contain items.

    Here's a live example of the template in question:

    American Orthopedic Cast Saw

    I'm trying to remove the entire block from 'sort by' through the lower 'add to cart' button.

    sidenote: everything above this block is the category header. everything below is the category footer.

    looking at the page source, if i was editing a straight html file, I'd just comment out everything between the [start items] and [end items] block. Unfortunately, not understanding how the template calls these fields, I'm not sure which template file calls this product data.

    I've looked through the custom category template file that 3DCart provided. But, the call for inventory data is not there. It must be referenced in another file???

    can anyone offer any guidance?

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    thanks for looking. I figured it out.


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      I do that all the time; dwell on a problem for a week, finally post a question about it, and figure it out for myself an hour later. :)

      Do you mind sharing what you did or what you removed to accomplish what you needed?
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting