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  • 3D in 2008


    Just wondering if we have any new updates, upgrades, versions or features coming in 2008. I've been around for about 9 months, and while good, I haven't seen any changes/newsletters/etc from 3D Cart to date.

    Highest on my list is a wishlist, and templates for certain aspects of the cart design(menus, product display, etc).


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    I'll take the non-answer as a no?


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      I was actually wondering this myeslf. When I signed up for 3dcart I inquired about a wish list feature and was told it was going to come out with the next update in 2008. I am still hoping this is true, and wondering if their is anything else we can look foward to.


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        im hoping printing shipping labels from the admin panel.

        and a better way to keep track of inventory


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          I too would love to see a response by the 3DCart crew regarding what we might be able to expect for 2008. Just thought I'd add my .02 cents too (.01666 after taxes)


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            I would also like to know what is on the drawing board for 2008. I am still very happy with 3DC, but am curious to know what is planned for the next version and also a rough timeline.

            To be honest I would be more interested in minor improvements to existing functionality as opposed to major new functionality in many cases. I know not everyone would agree with this, but the system has almost everything we need but I feel it could use some improvement in work flow, etc. A whole release could be based on the suggestions and thoughts found on this forum by dedicated 3DC users.

            Any word 3DC?


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              Hi Guys,

              Sorry about the late reply but we have been extremely busy. We'll be publishing a list of the 3.0 upcoming features on February.